Monday, November 23, 2009

Please read before you say something stupid.

Dear prolife, I'm sorry but I'm very tired of hearing your same flawed arguments over and over again. Let's set some things straight.

1. Human (adjective) vs human being (noun).

I've gone over this one before, but unfortunately no one seems to understand. Human used as an adjective can mean either a whole human being or parts of a human being. For example, human hair, human arms, human eyes, human heart, human toes, human females. When you say something is human, it does NOT automatically make that thing a human being / person. If someone says "prove the fetus is a human being" you cannot reply "well if it's not human, what is it? Zebra? Banana?" This is FLAWED. They did NOT say a fetus is not human, they asked you to prove it is both human AND a human being.

2. If the fetus is alive, it must be a human being.

Um, no. My arm is alive, my arm is not a human being. My cat is alive, my cat is not a human being. This is just stupid.

3. If the fetus is alive, then killing it is murder!

Again, no. A cow is alive, but if you kill it for meat, it is not murder. When you cut your grass (which is alive) it is not murder. When you wash your hands, it is not murder. Alive =/= murder.

4. If the fetus is a human being, then killing it is murder!

Okay, this one *almost* makes sense, but it still is flawed logic. All one has to do is consider soldiers, police officers, and the death penalty to realize that just because you kill a human being does not mean it was murder. What is the point of things like "manslaughter" and "self defense" and "death penalty" if all killing is murder?

Please consider these facts before you make your next post.


  1. This is about as clear as liberal logic gets.. which is twisted almost beyond recognition. Nobody has to "prove" a fetus is a "being". You can twist the logic however you want, it won't change the fact that abortion is murder.
    It's a selfish and heartless act of which both the mother and the abortion provider will have to answer for.

  2. It's interesting to note that you do not disprove my logic, but instead just say bad things about it.

    Please, at least tell me that you realize something which is human is not always a human being, right? Or do you think your eye balls are human beings?

    Abortion is not murder, not selfish and not heartless.

  3. I was raised as Christian, and I continue mainly being a Christian with roots believer in just the New Testament because the great teaching of peace, love and consideration among humans, of Jesus, but if I have to rethink why I select CHOICE in the case of women pregnancy, I will go to the book of Genesis. There, is clear expressed that GOD give us, the HUMANS, the RIGHT to CHOOSE. Since we do have that right, only to GOD we respond personally in our decision of give BIRTH. For those people that always are in contact with nature it's not a problem to understand this concept of think. It's expressed all over Earth, in the animal kingdom of God creation. There are powerful reasons for what a women choice to terminate a pregnancy and for those who think, that any specific woman ever took a light or quick solution to her problem, chosen abortion, is very irresponsible thinking. She does have a conscience and lot of thoughts came to her mind. What sources of recommendations came into her decision were evaluated by her, and at that point is when the RIGHT OF CHOICE given by GOD take place.
    A lot of Christian churches (any denomination) coming with slogans that will help the women into their responsibilities to raise the child, but in reality the only help that they provide is WORDS, and the material ONES that is housing, food, health care etc, is forgotten after few weeks of the birth. That is the REAL RESPOSABILITY that these women weight in their souls and minds, when they decide to eliminate the pregnancy or face a life of poverty and hard turn downs, for her and the child. It's easy for those who are not wearing their shoes to come with solutions, like was hard for the disciples of Jesus to walk in his lives’ teaching, as had been for many other dedicated followers. Words of promises need to take form of actions, and materialize, showing that are real help and can be use to avoid pregnancy, and can be trusted, and them, women will consider respectfully the church's advices.

  4. These so-called arguments have got to be some of the most annoying. I can't even recall how many antis have just blinked stupidly at me when I ask them whether they understand the difference between something that has human DNA, and an actual sentient being.

  5. It is interesting how the pro-choice movement has downgraded unborn babies to nothing more than "tissue," and yet at the same time they protect animals with anti-kill shelters. These same "pro-choicer's" know that if they had the guts to look at photos of the aborted "tissue" they would think twice about their decision. And they also know that same "tissue" feels pain when they are being killed at the hands of the physicians and with the selfish agreement of the mother carrying that "tissue." At one time in my life, I found myself single and pregnant with my first and only child. To be sure of my convictions about abortion, I sought counseling from a great friend of mine who confirmed in my heart that giving life to my little girl even to the point of choosing ADOPTION would be the humane thing to do. Why would you want to choose abortion for a baby, and support no-kill shelters for domestic pets? There is no logic behind that.

    Sad! ... May God have mercy on your souls.

  6. The fact that you and others in the pro-choice movement are tired, irritated, or annoyed by arguments made by pro-life movement shows that, deep down in your heart, you know that abortion is wrong, and can't be justified. If you were at peace with your decision to support abortion, your feathers wouldn't be so easily ruffled.

    You can play word games all you want, but the bottom line is that a fetus can be none other than a human being at an early stage of development, and all human beings should have the right to life.

    P.S. - Don't you think it's a little uncharitable, especially for a Christian, to start out your post by saying "Please read before you say something stupid"?

  7. I'm sorry Anonymous, but where did I say anything about "tissue" in this post? I didn't. Please don't make things up. I also don't recall ever mentioning no-kill shelters. Are you sure you're thinking about me, and not someone else?

    Many of us have seen images of abortions. Heck, some of the prochoicers on Twitter are doctors who perform abortions. I'm fairly certain they've seen what happens. The truth is, abortion is a woman's choice. Just as I wouldn't deny someone heart surgery because it's bloody and gross, I wouldn't deny someone an abortion.

    Also, fetuses cannot feel pain until the third trimester. They do not feel pain when 99% of abortions occur.

    Choosing to carry to term and either parent or adopt is great. So is abortion. They're equal.

    Actually, deep down in my heart, I know that the antichoice movement cannot win without lying. That's why these lies are seen, over and over and over again. Antichoicers who use these ideas cannot be truthful, because the truth is prochoice.

    If antichoice ideas were so great, why do they have to hide behind lies and manipulation of facts?

    If you want to discuss the fetus's right to life, I suggest you read this post:

    As for the title, I don't think trying to protect people against stupidity is wrong.

  8. What if you are wrong? What if that is a life and your analysis is wrong? How are you going to explain your actions to God? Wouldn't you rather save life then lose it.

    But yes, your arm is living but it is not human because it is part of your body. Your cat isn't human because it is a different species. But the "fetus" is a human because it is a homo sapien. Murder is when you intentionally kill someone, not an animal, not grass...but a person.

    And on police officers- they kill to protet the public. What is a baby doing to deserve being killed?

    Your logic is flawed.

  9. I would rather save life. That's why I'm prochoice.

    Women have abortions regardless of whether it's legal or not. By promoting the legalization of abortion, I prevent women from obtaining unsafe abortions. More lives are saved.

    Murder is more defined than what you stated. Please see exactly what I wrote above.