Monday, May 31, 2010

True Antichoice Colors.

A year ago, when Dr. Tiller was assassinated, many antichoice people and organizations cried out that it was wrong and that they did not support Scott Roeder's actions.

Today, one year later, we see their true colors start to come out.

Many antichoice activists on Twitter are denouncing Dr. Tiller as a murderer. Many of these people also claim that "guilty" people (such as convicted murderers) deserve the death penalty.

On the anniversary of Dr. Tiller's murder, they are bringing out the big guns: attacking Dr. Tiller with all the ammo they have (which is nothing, in reality, but a lot of made up stuff for them). They call him greedy, they call him heartless, they call him cruel, they call him whatever nasty thing they can think of. They compare him to Hitler.

Does it sound like they support Dr. Tiller, or terrorist Roeder?

Prominent blogger Jill Stanek used the term "baby killer" in the title of her blog about Dr. Tiller. Phrases such as this (baby killer) is part of what led Roeder to murder the doctor, as well as other terrorists to bomb clinics and shoot other doctors and nurses.

One quick sentence to the effect of, "now I don't support murder, but..." doesn't change the over all message coming from all antichoice activists this weekend.

The truth is, antichoicers are glad someone murdered our fallen hero, Dr. Tiller.

They're glad someone took up a gun and "saved the babies." Because the babies [read: fetuses] are the only ones they care about.

The week following Dr. Tiller's murder, antichoicers were afraid to support Roeder. Today, they have no problem walking the thin line between support and disapproval. Will it be next, or five years from now, when antichoicers are calling Roeder their own hero?

I hope that, instead of this grim future of terrorism support, antichoicers wake up to the effects of their actions and words. I hope that antichoicers stop calling for the murder of living human beings, either secretly or out in the open.

Roeder was not a lone wolf. He was a member of the antichoice terrorism movement.