Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Names I have been called...

Names/things I have been called by pro-life Christians:
1. "unscriptural, extrabiblical, anti-christian, hateful, and murderous"
2. Murderer
3. Evil
4. Liar
5. "Lower than excrement'
6. Braindead idiot
7. dumb
8. Troll
9. Nazi
10. killer
11. babykiller
12. coward
13. Under the control of the devil
14. in the position of the anti-christ
15. spitting in the face of Jesus
16. anti-biblical & heretical
17. closed-mind to truth
18. moronic
19. sick monster
20. ignorant
21. advocate of baby murder
22. "lower than a snake's belly'
23. As intelligent as a 'mutant gnat"

and that's only from October 25th to November 3rd. oh man do I feel the love!

Some more:
24. "subhuman, animalistic, unbiblical, murderous"
25. "pitiful existence"
26. "pro death slut"
27. idiot
28. "just plain stupid"
29. not very bright
30. "favorite turd"

Update 4/4:
31. satan
32. Not a "True Christian"

I figure there should be some record of this.
It says:
1. they think they are hiding behind anonimity- theyre not-i made it my business to find out
2. they sow death and thats exactly what theyll reap


  1. Ha, you forgot "femtard." That one personally makes no sense to me. And I'm surprised, you've never been accused of being a pothead? I've lost count of how many times Antichoicers have accused me of being on drugs.

  2. I don't think I've seen any drug comments. Of course, I didn't include everything on this list. Not sure how femtard missed it, though!

  3. I have a five page document filled with nasty, hateful, threatening things I've copied and pasted that pro choicers have called pro lifers. And that was on two days of research. Would you like to see them? Don't go thinking you're a saint cause you're pro choice. puhleez!!!!

    1. I want to see them. And I will call you a forced birth cultist just to get the ball rolling.

  4. I don't think I'm a saint. If you've recorded names you've been called, why are you after me for doing the same thing?

  5. Once again, you only hear what you want to hear, and you only give one side of the story. You would have us believe that prochoicers care about women, don't ever use foul, threatening, intimidating, or demeaning language when speaking about pro lifers, always remain on the moral high ground, are respectful at all times, and are tolerant of other people's point of view. I haven't published my pages of nastiness to try to justify my cause, because how other people verbally abuse me for what I believe is irrelevant to that cause. It's called ad hominem argumentation, and it is a fallacy of logic.


  6. Prochoicers do care about women.

    I cannot control the language of other people. I have not made any claim about the language of prochoicers. This is simply a post about the language used against me personally.

    I am not using this list as an argument or justification. I am using it as a record for myself.

  7. And they (pro choicers) also use foul, demeaning, vulgar, intimidating, hateful language when speaking to, about and against other people who don't happen to agree with them. Very caring.

    A record for yourself, published on the www, yes?
    Why do you need to label the people who call you the names -- for the record? because you don't remember who they are?? And adding commentary like "I'm really feeling the love"? what's that a record of?

    Now you need to make a list of the names that are accurate. Start with #4 (then 6,7,16,18......20,27....some of these are pretty good)

  8. "some of these are pretty good"

    That's all you needed to say in the first place. Buh bye.

  9. It's interesting, I have been doing a lot of research lately about abortion and have gone to MANY sites read Many blogs both pro-choice and pro-life. By far the nastiest comments have been made by pro-choice! Not even a close contest!

  10. Wow. Bet a lot of those comments came from so-called "Christians" too.

  11. whynot chose adoption>? why why why? u kill ur babies. why do u wanna kill u rbabies? babies are awesome.... it ain't koool to kill yo babys

  12. Just want to say your blog is really interesting and inspiring. I admire your commitment to your cause despite so much hatred being directed at you. Don't give up!

  13. Are you also going to make a blog recording all the offensive things you have said about pro life people? No, thought not. We don't need to look far tho, just take your pick from just about any of your nasty blogs. You are rude and offensive prochoicer. You make a blatant mockery of the Christian faith and to be honest I can't say there isn't some truth to the names you've been called.