Friday, November 20, 2009

Christian Prochoice links

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The bible tells us when fetus becomes a living being


  1. Haha! I was reading through the blog and thought that the post after this one reminded me of the "Why Abortion is Moral" and "Why Abortion is Biblical" essays. I thought you would like them because they answer many of the same questions in greater detail. But it looks like you already found them, so that's good.

    There's also a group called Catholics for Choice that's pretty cool:

  2. Isaiah 139:13-18
    Ephesians 1:4
    Jeremiah 1:5

    (And many more scriptures that you have chosen to ignore..) show that clearly we became precious living beings well before we took our first breath.

    Of course you just hear what you want to hear. Anything that proves that abortion is wrong in the eyes of God you blatantly choose to ignore. Typical.

    You may not have to answer to anyone here in this life but you won't be able to ignore or escape God's judgement.

    1. Anon, 2 of your 3 verses refer to existing before conception even happens. Are you arguing that we should value sperm as human persons? If not, then stop misusing Bible verses.

  3. Again, the usual cop out that we are "misusing" bible scriptures. Those scriptures are very clear and very relevant to the topic.

    As far as God is concerned i.e in the spiritual, yes we did exist before conception happened. None of us were unplanned. There are no limitations of time in the spiritual. God knew each one of us before we were even conceived, as in He knew we would exist here on earth in the physical and at this particular time. God is omniscient. Why am I having to explain this to you?

    As for your comment about sperm being valued as humans persons, an egg has to be fertilised by sperm for life to begin. That's basic science.

    1. Yes, they are very specific- BEFORE I formed you, before the creation of the world. Like I said, unless you're saying sperm is sacred, you're misusing the verses.

      You don't have to explain God's knowledge. But it's nice to see you do know the REAL meaning of those verses, when you're not trying to misuse them for your purpose. Clearly, they say nothing about every single zygote being sacred, or conception being important.

      Basic science says life can't come from death. Sperm is alive. Unfertilized eggs are alive.

  4. Life cannot begin until the sperm fertilises the egg. Sperm on its own or an egg on it's own does not constitute a living person. Gees!! God knowing of our existence doesn't have amything to do with sperm.

    Every human being is precious to God. Do you believe that God loves and values some people but not others?

    1. Sperm on it's own is alive. Why wont you acknowledge this?

  5. I don't see the relevance of it really. Sperm or eggs are living cells just like blood cells etc. It doesn't mean they are living persons, so what's your point??

  6. Can you answer my question about God's love? Also what is your interpretation of Isaiah 139?

  7. I meant Psalm 139 (verses 13-18)