Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you're really prolife... SexEd

If you're really prolife, you want to end/reduce abortion right?

And if you're really prolife because you want to save babies, you'd believe that reducing elective abortions is, at the very least, a step in the right direction- correct?

So why is it then that most prolifers are against multiple different ways to reduce the abortion rate? Is it, perhaps, because they do not actually care for the fetus? I pray that is not true.

Today we will look at comprehensive sex education, which prolifers are often against.

1. Comprehensive Sex Education. This one is a no brainer! Teenagers are having sex. Young 20somethings are having sex. If they're having sex, they are risking pregnancy. If they get pregnant, many will choose abortion. So how do you stop those abortions? Prevent the pregnancy before it happens!

There seems to be a misunderstanding, that comprehensive sex ed is just "throwing condoms at teenagers." Absolutely not. I don't even think actively handing out condoms should be part of comprehensive sex ed. It's EDUCATION, not a store or a giveaway.

Comprehensive sex education is about teaching kids about: abstinence, sexual intercourse, STDs, pregnancy, adoption, parenting, abortion, rape, how to say no, respect for the opposite gender/other people, the benefits risks of different types of sexual encounters (committed relationships, one night stands, drunk sex), puberty, menopause, periods, contraceptives, gender roles, and SO much more.

Comprehensive sex education does NOT stop parents from controlling their children's education. Most sex ed classes allow parents to choose to pull their child from the class, if that parent so chooses. Parents who wish to teach their children at home about sex are still perfectly capable of doing so. But students who's parents don't care, are misinformed or non-participants in the student's life will be able to learn what ever human being deserves to know.

Studies have shown over and over that comprehensive sex ed helps to reduce unplanned pregnancies. Studies have shown time and time again that abstinence-only education does not stop teenagers from having sex- it just stops them from using contraceptives. New research has shown that in more conservative religious states, there is a higher rate of teen pregnancy (even after adjusting for abortion rates). Conservative religious states are where abstinence-only is taught and pushed more by the community.

It is only when we are fully informed with facts and not lied to that we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our families and our lives.

It is morally repulsive for anyone to lie to people, but it is especially repulsive when an educator lies to a student. Educators should be trusted to tell the truth. We shouldn't even worry about educators lying- and yet we have to, when it comes to abstinence only education.

Over and over and over we have seen that abstinence-only education programs lie to and deceive our youth.

Everyone learns as a child that it is wrong to lie, and this is especially true for Christians. We should never lie to push an agenda. If we do not have the truth on our side, we should question why we are promoting the things we are saying. We should always strive to tell the truth.

Government funding of ineffective, lying abstinence-only programs should be dropped. Comprehensive sex education is how we will share the truth with our future generations, and greatly reduce the number of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.


  1. I so wish the conservative-right would open their eyes to this. I had an ex friend once argue that birth control would only make women overdose to have abortions . . . o.O Riight then. And of course, the old "well women who don't want kids shouldn't have sex." Obviously if men were to be the ones to get pregnant, the legality of abortion would probably never be questioned.

  2. I'm Pro-Life and very much for comprehensive sex education...