Saturday, December 11, 2010

Antis Will Not Take Responsibility.

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Antichoicers are always talking about how women need to take responsibility. They say women should take responsibility for avoiding pregnancy either by not having sex or using contraceptives (though only a few mention the latter). They say women who are pregnant have to take responsibility by carrying to term (never mind that having an abortion is taking responsibility). They attack women who they deem have not taken responsibility (women who abort, women who get pregnant, women who get pregnant while taking birth control, etc).

But do antichoicers apply their strict brand of responsibility to themselves? Of course not.

Some anti-choicers and anti-choice groups have decided to attack Dr. Carhart as he works in a Maryland clinic. Their goal is to have Dr. Carhart kicked out of the building by the other businesses there because of the protesting. The anti-choicers figure if they hurt the other businesses enough by making a big deal with their fake abortion pictures, the businesses will think it is Dr. Carhart’s fault and ask him to leave.

But we all know, the actions and signs of the protestors are not Dr. Carhart’s fault. He did not force any of the protestors to stand outside his clinic. This is simply a case of the anti-choicers refusing to take responsibility. They even practically say so themselves!

“Mahoney said he’s not bringing unwanted attention to Germantown and all of Maryland, instead pointing the finger at Carhart.”


“Pointing the finger at Carhart.” The anti-choicers are acting like children, pointing their finger and saying “it’s his fault!” even when they are to blame. They refuse to acknowledge that THEY are the ones bringing unwanted attention to the building complex. They refuse to take responsibility for the fact that THEY are the ones waving giant fake abortion pictures all over, making people uncomfortable. If the women of Maryland did not want Dr. Carhart’s services, he would not be there. But they do need his services, and he is there- quietly and respectfully, inside the clinic.

Anti-choicers need to take responsibility for their actions, and own up to the fact that they are the ones causing all the chaos in Maryland. Anti-choicers are the ones who are harming women trying to obtain a legal medical procedure.


  1. Very true! Anti-choicers are pros at dodging responsibility. They live in this imaginary world where everything bad that happens to abortion patients or providers is because abortion is inherently bad. They manage to completely forget that these things wouldn't happen if it weren't for them being unfair and unreasonable.

    Women wouldn't need to stay silent about abortion if a vocal minority weren't doing everything in their power to stigmatize it.

    These "I regret my abortions" stories wouldn't be floating around the internet if the public wasn't exposed to unscientific lies, like the "brain waves at 6 weeks" myth.

    Scott Roeder wouldn't have decided to murder Dr. Tiller if the anti-choice community hadn't done everything short of asking him to do it. (Perfect example of denying obvious responsibility right there....)

  2. I don't see discussions about Jesus Christ in your writings but maybe I haven't looked back enough.

    What denomination of Christianity do you follow?
    I'm not asking specifically what town or state but what Christian church are you a member of and do they discuss abortion during gatherings?

  3. The anti-choicers figure if they hurt the other businesses enough by making a big deal with their FAKE ABORTION PICTURES, the businesses will think it is Dr. Carhart’s fault and ask him to leave.

    I'm at a loss to debate you, "sister", as you are the most despicable, blasphemous human being imaginable. At least Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Margaret Sanger were being authentic. I am serious when I say I have more respect for them, I mean it.

    If you belonged to my church I would call a hearing to ask you to repent or leave. If that is being "quarrelsome" then so be it. There comes a point where that church would no longer be a Christian church by letting your amorality flourish.

    In 1st Corinthians 5, Paul describes this exact process so don't try to say that I'm being unChristian. Please read that whole chapter 5, too.

    All the innocent blood from the first sacrifice in Genesis 3, the murder of Abel in Genesis 4, all point to the cross of Christ and all innocent blood shed today points back to Him. And you defend it? Pictures of obvious babies dismembered and bloodied, fake?

    I am far from perfect, but I am not far from my Savior. You piss on His name. Your God is not Jesus; it's the same false gods as the pagan goddess worshipers of the #prochoice thread.

    I'll pray that the real God opens your eyes and gives you wisdom. He loves you too much for you to look at the children He sends into the world as nothing.

  4. Yes, many of the pictures used are fake. Some are of miscarriages or stillborn fetuses, not related to abortion. Others are pictures of late term fetuses but labeled as earlier development in order to trick women. Some images have been photoshopped, which is shown by obviously disproportions.

  5. Where can I read your "statement of faith"? How about your conversion story?

  6. She's as Christian as Hitler was. . . .

  7. Wow, lot of JUDGMENTAL "Christians" here . . . what does a denomination have to do with anything? Just because someone supports a person's right to have the CHOICE (Freedom, free-will) doesn't mean they aren't a Christian? If this was true, than all the Christians who drink, swear, lie, cheat, steal, and more are no more Christian than she is. Right?

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