Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I want your 2 cents.

So I've been trying to keep two things in my mind these past two weeks.

1. A way to bring the birth(/breastfeeding/other) activists and abortion right activists together.

2. A twitter hashtag to use for my "generation" of people who support all rights for all people. There is already a hashtag "#reprojustice but that one is a bit long. I'm looking for something shorter- I thought #reprojust but that's practically the same.

So this is a shorter post. I want you to COMMENT and tell me what you think. Answer one or two or both, I don't mind. I just need people to help me come up with ideas. This is about a community, not a single person. I can't do it alone.


  1. We do need a good (short) hashtag. Has Fem3 been taken? I think that post at Fertile Feminist took a huge step in the right direction. IT was nice to see a childless feminist tackling the motherhood issues that she admits she's tried to ignore. It's a huge help just to get each other's issues on our radar!

  2. Haha, don't worry, you are definitely not doing it alone -- there are people and organizations who are dedicated specifically to this thing. So I hope you don't feel alone out there :)

    I think that the best way to get folks together is through the use of the reproductive justice framework (you should check out the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective -- they're the ones who really pioneered it). On some level, I think that there are some groups that aren't interested in that framework because they value different aspects of women's reproductive freedom differently (like, PPFA isn't going to get involved in, say, teratogenic toxins affecting Asian nail salon workers). That's cool, though. Coalition isn't about us agreeing about everything. I do, however, want to see an acknowledgment that "women's health" isn't just code for "abortion and everyone else can bugger off."

    I think that you are in an interesting place as a Christian in that you have access to groups that some of us don't. So I would charge you with bringing your RJ message to church groups. The crazy antis have really tried to get a lock on religion, morality, and righteousness. Not like you don't have your own life, but I would love to see you create a talk that you could give to youth groups about how you find support for reproductive justice (including the right to contraception, abortion, healthy birth, VBAC, doula support, etc! etc!) in the Bible and that Jesus' social justice message needs to drown out the Old Testament message of wrath and vengeance (that's the whole point of the New Covenant, right?). I want to see you be the good version of Kristi Burton. The Shelby Knox of Christian Churches.

    There have been a lot of young people who just randomly (well, not random, but through gumption) became public speakers. I get the sense that that could be you.

  3. #FemGen! (feminist generation)

    or GenFem if you like that better. lol, just a random thought. ;)

  4. My 2 cents worth:

    Wow, Courtroom Mama is sure working hard to further keep you brainwashed.

    I'm interested, what branch of Christian are you exactly? Please do a post and share with us you level of Christian thinking. How many hours of classroom/church instruction have you had? Or are you just trying to rationalize your own or a loved one's abortion?

    You cannot be an abortion supporter in any way and also a True Christian. You might think you can be, but this is proof of the devil working in your life whether you ever realize it or not. Your time would be well spent getting to know real Christian leaders that can lead you to the Truth instead of wannabees who are pushing their own selfish agendas (this now includes yourself).

    God Bless.

  5. Anonymous, I was looking for people to help me figure out how to bring the birthing activists and abortion activists together. I'm not sure how your 2 cents applies to that topic.

    As for this:
    "You cannot be an abortion supporter in any way and also a True Christian."

    You sound like the Pharisees speaking to Jesus.

  6. Did the Pharisees talk about abortion to Jesus? You've already said that abortion isn't mentioned in the Bible. Who sounds like a Pharisee?

  7. I meant that you sounded like them, not that you were saying the same words.

  8. Would love to talk about this more when it's not way past my bedtime! Have you checked out the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals? I don't know what they do re: birthing rights, but another commenter's mention of "teratogenic chemicals in nail polish" made me think of them. They are big on advocating not only for abortion access and training but also for research into environmental and reproductive health intersections, i.e. pollution and endocrine disruptors and eco-friendlier contraceptive supplies. They are smallish and might be having a hard time in the current crap economy, but appear to be wonderful thoughtful people interested in a broad-spectrum and evidence-based conversation on RH.