Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ralph Lang, Attempted Anti-Choice Terrorist

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Thank God, or Lady Luck, or whomever you like: yesterday reports went out of a man arrested BEFORE he murdered a law-abiding doctor, instead of after.

The quick details: Ralph Lang, 63, drove up to Madison with a gun with the clear intention of murdering at least one abortion-providing doctor, and possibly other nurses and employees. His handgun discharged while he was at a motel, and the police were called. Upon hearing his plans, he was taken into custody.

I’m so thankful that Lang’s gun went off in his motel room. I’m also thankful he wasn’t “100 percent in sync with God” when he was in Madison last week and didn’t kill anyone. I’m thankful that he didn’t get to go to the clinic, “line [the employees] up all in a row, get a machine gun, and mow them all down” as he said he wished he could.

The other information you should know: Ralph Lang is not a “lone wolf” or a “fringe member” of the antichoice “pro-life” community. He is a sidewalk counselor (read: harasser) and was arrested previously in 2007 outside of a Planned Parenthood. He was part of a Catholic prayer vigil (read: more sidewalk harassment) in 2006, at which time he said, “it’s nice to be a part of a movement like this.” I’m sure as we learn more details we will see more connections between Ralph Lang and well known anti-choice groups.

Of course, Lang’s language is gleamed from common anti-choice propaganda. He planned “to lay out abortionists because they are killing babies”- words used by many so-called peaceful anti-choicers. These ‘peaceful’ antis claim they don’t actually want anyone hurt, yet continue to repeat these phrases until they’ve convinced someone- like Ralph Lang, or Scott Roeder- to do the dirty work for them. When they call doctors murderers over and over and over again, they set the kindling and strike the match for others to take those words and follow through with them.

It’s long past time for antichoicers to stop their violent rhetoric. It was long past time two years ago, when Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church. It was long past time in 1998 when Dr. Slepian and a security guard were killed, in 1994 when two clinic receptionists, Dr Britton and an escort were killed, in 1993 when Dr. Gunn was murdered. It’s been nearly 20 years of murders- when will anti-choicers actually take a prolife stance and stop the violence?


  1. wrong. He was a fringe member. He was a lone wolf. Many, many, many people are pro life. People like Ralph Lang account for less than one tenth of one percent of all people who identify as pro-life. Doesn't sound like mainstream pro-life to me. Glad he wasn't able to carry out his plan.

  2. and it's high time for pro abortion to stop using flammable rhetoric to incite hate against pro lifers. The only killing that has happening on a daily basis for the last 20 years has been abortion. 1.4 million per year in the US alone. That's almost 30 million human beings killed in 20 years. Comparitively, that makes nine killings in twenty years a relatively small number.

  3. Lets see, kill a nonsentinent being (fetus) or kill a person who has family, friends, children, participates in society, fulfills obligations as a citizen...?

    Nine killings of REAL LIVING BREATHING PEOPLOE is not "pro-life".

    If you are "pro-life" (i.e. antichoice) then you should be against the killing of ANY being.

    It's not ok to kill a fetus, but it's fine to kill that fetus if it grows up to become an abortion doctor, right?

  4. I am (against the killing of any human being).

    Do you think it is morally acceptable for one human being to kill another human being?

    It's ok to kill someone that does not have the function of all senses? So we can start killing paraplegics? People in a coma?

  5. You are Christian. You are Prochoice. Mmmm... is it even worth my time to comment upon this superb illustration of oxymoronic prose?

    Just three possibilities exist. One, you are a comedic genius who delights in rendering the absurd and its laughter to the common man. Two, you are a Prochoice Subversive Agent with the mission to confuse, obfuscate, lie and generally make it widely known across the Internet that Jesus is Prochoice. Or, you are a fucking retard.

    “Christian,” Person who has received Christian Baptism and is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings. Cognitive reasoning concludes that Jesus Christ must have preached we should all be Prochoice. I need only search and find this Divine Abortion mandate in Christ’s Gospel and his one, holy, Catholic Apostolic Church.

    As Katie Stack @ItsKatie73, a Twit, so astutely pondered in her well-reasoned Prochoice Advocacy blog... blah, bla, yada, yada... “What is a human being?” and “How do we know it’s a Person?” The Two-thousand year old Church answers, “From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person...”

    Pope Benedict XVI...

    This conversation that Jesus is Prochoice and supports a woman’s ‘right to choose’ is Satanic Verse. Why am I even having this conversation? Every Christian knows Jesus Christ is ‘anti’Prochoice.’

    Deuteronomy 31: 6.

    No, no, no, @KushielsMoon, you got your Bible verses mixed up, it can happen with all the stress of defending a woman’s Constitutional right to ‘choose’ and you killing babies n’ all, this verse is for ProLife.

    Your Scripture verse is, Malachi Chapter 3 verse 19.

    John 15: 18.

    Yea... Umm... OK... Again, it is the stress and disorientation of being Prochoice heroines of reproductive justice. barach Hussein obama loves Prochoice and the Supreme Court too. Look at all the movie stars.... Ashley Judd, now there’s some ‘hotz for a man... the United Nations... the World loves Prochoice.

    Your Bible verse is Matthew Chapter 12 verses 36 & 37.

    Keep this destruction of our Republic going Prochoice gerls and continue using your feminine wiles to protect this Abortion Holocaust. If you women don’t speak as one united voice against Prochoice you can kiss our Republic good-bye. Our days are numbered and it’ll happen in your lifetime.

    Sure, we’ll suffer and my family dies with our Republic on this earth but I shall have everlasting days looking down from heaven at you unrepentant Prochoice Evildoers burn in HELL.

    Copyright © ralph marie de largo
    Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

  6. Ralph Marie de Largo, have you heard of the r-word project? I really think you should check it out.

    Have a good day!

  7. When will pro-choicers stop the condemning of the innocent to death? For those who condemn the innocent are an abomination before the Lord.

  8. "Judge not lest Ye be judged." Can you ever put yourself in a woman who chooses abortions shoes? No, you can't. You will never know what was going on inside her head at the time, never fully grasp the fear, indecision, and worry. I have had an abortion and I am not a killer, I am not an "abomination," and God loves me. You so-called "Christians" disgust me. Does it feel good to be on your high horse?

  9. Hi there. I read your blog and I'm wondering what you think of this documentary. Here is the link: What do you think?

  10. I think it's offensive, cruel, and wrong.