Wednesday, October 20, 2010

40 Days for Lies- Make it Do Good

Are you tired of 40 Days for Life [read: Lies]? Do you want to create some sort of good out of the antichoice harassment happening at clinics around the country?

Well then, let's do it! I've dedicated this post to keeping track of how much money we can raise in the name of 40 Days for "Life" (aka Lies). There are many different ways you can donate!

You could donate to a clinic in North Dakota.
Or you could donate to the EMA fund in Massachusetts.
There's also the Make a Difference Fund in San Diego, California (which has a clinic being attacked by the 40 days).
The New York Abortion Access Fund has been very low on funds lately.

There are so many more than just those! If you want to pick one closer to home, you can look at the list of abortion funds or you could just donate to the National Network of Abortion funds and they'll be sure to put the money to good use.

The other option you have is donating to Planned Parenthood. Their donations are being matched up until election day, up to $100,000.

WentRogue is the first to donate (and my inspiration for this post). Will you step up and be number 2? If you donate, please leave a comment here, and then spread the word to others!


  1. In honour of the 40 days for "life", a women's rights panel discussion has been organized at my university, 100% of the proceeds going to an emergency abortion access fund. Based on the number of people who've confirmed that they will attend, it's going to raise at least 2000$!

  2. Let us know that actual number, won't you? ;)

  3. "In Seattle our 1st and 2nd 40 Days campaigns took place in front of the Planned Parenthood facility nearest the University of WA," said Aaron, who led those campaigns in Seattle.

    During the 2nd campaign, that center stopped doing surgical abortions. PP then put the facility up for rent - and now their web site confirms this location is permanently CLOSED!"

    -Email alert from Shawn Carney, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life, November 20


  4. 40 Days of Lies? Cute. How about one moment of truth?

    Abortion is murder. Christians must focus on all those things you list in your profile (supporting women, raising children, better sex education, etc.) but we must stop the killing now. That is the work that Jesus Christ is calling His people to do, to do as much as we can "for the least of these".

  5. No Jim, abortion is not murder. You say "Christians must focus on all those things you list in your profile"- well, that's probably why they're part of my profile.

  6. you didn't see the link, obviously.

  7. oh jeez, cp.....there you go with the assumption thing again. People can only make assumptions when you equivocate and lead them to make assumptions. Interesting thing about you heathen pro abort types, you always want to cry "assumptions!!!" but you never want to flat out be truthful about any given's as if you are afraid to come out and actually say what you believe. This is quite understandable, however, given exactly what it is you are trying to defend.

    Anyway, I thought it was great that your '40 days of Lies' post got off the ground like a big, fat, two ton rock balloon, and that abortion clinics are folding left and right like cheap lawn chairs! LOL

  8. Oh yes, it's all MY fault that YOU made assumptions. My apologies for crawling into your brain and forcing your fingers to type certain ideas out onto my blog... Please. Own up to your actions.

    "heathen?" Pretty sure I'm Christian, and thus not heathen. If you want truthful there it is- truthfully, I'm a Christian.

  9. Pretty sure I'm Christian

    I'm damn sure you're NOT Christian. Stop trying to say you side with the Prince of Peace when you support the slaughter of the innocents! I have more respect for an arrogant atheist than fake Christians like you.

  10. I'm not a fake Christian. Why do you have so much anger at hearing I'm your sister in Christ?

  11. Jesus asks His followers, "HAVING EYES, DO YOU NOT SEE? AND HAVING EARS, DO YOU NOT HEAR?" - Mark 8:18.

  12. You cannot hate Jesus and love Him at the same time. You can only be a "cultural Christian" if you're pro-choice, and judging by your links, you worship "choice", not Jesus. Sorry to be so hard on you, but you're being contradictory to reality and contradictory to the Gospel. You can't have it both ways.

  13. pcc - what is it that makes you a 'sister in christ'? Describe the means of your salvation, and don't say it's not relevant, because you are the one making the claim to be a Christian. If you are a Christian, why don't you believe the bible concerning life and death and why there is life and death? Anyone with a true biblical understanding of life and death can clearly not be pro abortion.

  14. Jim, where in the world did you get the idea that I hate Christ? I don't hate Him at all, in any way.

    Nothing in my stance is contradictory to the Gospel. The only thing I contradict is present day opinions on what being a Christian means.

    Anonymous, by sister in Christ I meant a fellow child of God and fellow person who recognizes that Jesus died for our sins. I'm not "pro-abortion" in the sense I believe you're using the word.

  15. Your blog makes it quite clear that you are pro abortion. You believe it is ok for a woman to have an abortion. You sanction the practice of abortion. You solicit money for various abortion funds. As I said, you apparently lack clear biblical understanding concerning sin, life, and death. While I am not the holy spirit, I can certainly discern that you are at the very minimum in error concerning the bible and what it says about killing, death,children, and life. Do you recognize the bible as inerrant and authoritative? If not, then you clearly fall outside the pale of orthodoxy.

  16. Christian orthodoxy, that is.

  17. I'm not sure what Bible you read. The gospel is opposed to abortion. I am a leader in a Bible Study that has 200 men. At the Baptist church next door, 300 women meet. I guarantee you that none of them are confused enough about the Word of God that they would think abortion was OK. It comes up regularly in Bible study, regardless of what part of the Bible we're studying. Our teaching leaders will mention abortion as a grievous sin in our nation. And we are not a "conservative" group. We humbly study the Bible and listen to what it says.
    Now I'm not going to gon through the myriad references to God as Creator of the unborn. That is not only biblically obvious but plain to see. God even sent His Son by conceiving in a virgin woman. But do you think God is a bastard for using a woman's body like that? Can you believe Mary wasn't asked if she wanted to be a mother?

    Don't you see your logic is untenable. You might as well be a pro-Israel Nazi or an All American Al-Qaeda. It makes no sense to be "prochoice" and Christian.
    In fact, YOU have to choose what you really are, either prochoice and atheist or Christian and pro-life. There is no in-between.
    Your thinking is particularly American in that you think you are wanted. We Americans are first consumers and then citizens. We have to be waited on, we are desirable because we are a force unto ourselves. But to be honest, I don't want a prochoice person like you to continue to go to my church. And if my church ever showed itself prochoice from the pulpit, I'd leave it in a heartbeat.
    Here is link to a site that shows how the Bible is opposed to abortion. I hope you make a reasonable choice. God bless.

  18. It might be better if you only spoke for yourself. 1 in 3 women has an abortion; Christian women are not exempt from this statistic.

    "But do you think God is a bastard for using a woman's body like that?"

    That's an awful word to use in reference to God, and I would never even consider something so horrid. It's offensive.

    "Can you believe Mary wasn't asked if she wanted to be a mother?"

    Mary chose of her own free will to carry Jesus. God did not force the pregnancy upon her. He is not such a cruel God as you make Him out to be.

    It makes perfect sense to be prochoice and Christian.

    "But to be honest, I don't want a prochoice person like you to continue to go to my church"

    So much for "love thy neighbor" and all are welcome.

  19. You can come to my church, pcc. I know, you are happy at yours - just saying I'd welcome you there.

  20. God did not force the pregnancy upon her.


    Christian =/= Prochoice

    Who says I don't love you? Those who don't love you would support you in your sick prochoice beliefs.

  21. Oh, my mistake. I didn't realize that you tell people you love that you do NOT want them in your church.

    You're right that Christian and Prochoice are not equal, nor do they have the same definition. However, I can still be a prochoice Christian.

    As for Mary, I would suggest you read the Bible. Nothing suggests that Mary was forced against her will to carry the pregnancy.

  22. Mary was not forced. She was asked and fortunately for us she responded with a yes.

    Unless you don't understand how children are conceived or in cases of rape, every time you say yes with your body to a man, you are telling Christ that you are open to children.

    God gave us free will. Do you really believe Jesus supports your promotion of irresponsible intercourse and then the killing of His children?

  23. I would never promote "irresponsible" intercourse.

    I do believe that Jesus loves and supports women. I do not believe that Jesus is antichoice.

  24. I would never promote "irresponsible" intercourse.

    Any intercourse that results in abortion is IRRESPONSIBLE.

    "I AM the way, the truth, and the LIFE" - Jesus in John 14:6. Jesus, being Life, is pro-life.

    I hope you reconsider the gross incompatibility of these two spiritual opposites; Jesus and choice.

  25. So when two married heterosexual adults have sex, it's irresponsible? Glad to know!

  26. Any intercourse that results in abortion is IRRESPONSIBLE.

    What didn't you understand about that point? Your worldview can't be that superficial that you can think you serve the Prince of Life while being pro-death. The only way to make the connection is to really not believe in one or the other while saying you do. Which is why I refuse to believe you believe in Jesus Christ.

  27. All I hear from Jim is hate. I am a disgusted Christian now.