Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blogs you should read!

Alright. Everyone seems to have this sort of "roundup" of posts or blogs they think others should read. Why not me too?

I actually decided to do this because of The Feminist Breeder. Her blog is so awesome, that it broke the internetz last night. That's just how important it is that you read her posts.

So here are a few which I think are "must reads:"
When it comes to Breastfeeding, We can't handle the truth.
Once a Cesarean, Rarely a Choice
VBAC Access is a Human Rights Issue
How to Have a Better VBAC
Full-time Worker, Full-time Student, Full-time Breastfeeder too

Actually, just read everything she writes.

Next blog: ProChoiceGal!

She writes wonderful posts about abortion rights and feminism and awareness of violence and assault against women.

"I Don't Support Roeder BUT..."
Hijacking Feminism: The Feminists Who Hate Women
10 Reasons Why Choice is a Good Thing
The "Pro-Choicers" Who Force Birth

I also really love the Abortioneers blog. Really. There are so many good posts there, that I don't know where to start. Read 'em.

Joyful Birth Services doesn't update as often as I like, but when they do update it's chalk full of useful information about birthing. I need to put in effort to go and back read her older posts.

MotherWit Doula had two posts that I really loved:
Doulas behaving badly
A Path to Good Doula/Midwife/Medical Professional Relationships

Lastly, Public Health Doula writes interesting things! Information about breastfeeding, hospital births, and other related information.

Honestly, there are a million blogs that I want to read. All day. All the time. But I don't have that much free time! Still, I love to hear of new blogs to read. Have any suggestions?


  1. Thanks for the mention! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Yeah, read mine over & over until you leave the dark side for good...: )

  3. Mary, your profile is not available to the public, so I have no idea what your blog is.

    If it's an antichoice blog, I might read some of it, but I wont be joining the dark side anytime soon!


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