Friday, February 26, 2010

Prochoice support for Birthing Women

As a prochoice women, I know that prochoice is about more than just abortion.

It seems, though, that these other reproductive rights are often forgotten. Many prochoicers rightfully believe that abortion is the right most in jeopardy, and thus the right which needs the most of our attention.

But in our efforts to protect a woman's legal right to abort, we must ensure that we don't forget about the other rights which need our efforts.

Many people act as though a woman who wants to give birth will be allowed to do whatever she wants. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. There is a huge problem in America of doctors performing procedures on women either against their will, or after forcing the woman to agree after lying and threatening her.

These actions performs by anyone other than a doctor in a hospital would be considered a huge assault on women everywhere. However, it is ignored simply because it happens in a hospital.

This acceptance of harmful birth practices has got to stop. As a group which supports equality for all, with a special focus on women, prochoicers need to speak up against these actions. As prochoicers, we need to make sure that we speak out publicly against transgressions in the birth room.

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