Thursday, January 21, 2010

Disappoint in MA.

Yup. Everyone's talking about it. I've been trying to avoid it, but you can't avoid something like this. Scott Brown (R) will be filling late Senator Kennedy's seat. Disappointment abounds from everywhere.

There are a number of things about Scott Brown which concern me, but what's more concerning is who voted him into Congress.

Massachusetts voters. What do we know about MA voters?
1. They most often vote blue (democratic)
2. They already passed healthcare reform on the state level providing for universal insurance coverage
3. State unemployment is at the highest rate it's been since the 1970s.

So although some MA residents may care about our current national health care reform, it isn't of absolute importance to them. There aren't (or at least, shouldn't be) people in MA dying because they can't access health care.

This means that instead of worrying about their lives and health, they're worrying about money. This was obviously clear in the election results. MA voters were not swayed with promises of health care reform because they already HAVE healthcare reform. And call me mean, but it sure seems like they decided to care more about their own money (taxes) than the health and wellbeing of other Americans.

How is this fair? How is it fair that people who already have healthcare can deny it to others? How is it fair that people who have the smallest interest in health care reform get to possibly prevent it from passing?

It doesn't seem fair at all.

Of course, I must mention that they are people in MA who voted for Coakley, and to those people I say thank you.

To those who voted for Brown- I hope you understand the choice you made.

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