Sunday, November 1, 2009

Debunking Prolife Lies

Prolife is extremely good at twisting the prochoice position. They're extremely good at making it look like we say something we really never said. Let's take a look at what a prolifer says, and what the prochoicer really means.

1. "Prochoice thinks the fetus isn't a human being. What is it then!? A zebra? A tree? A dog?!"

Truth: There are many different pro-choice views on when life starts, when personhood starts, and when or if a fetus a should have equal rights to born human beings. So perhaps, yes, there are pro-choicers who think the fetus isn't yet a human being. However- and this is where prolifers twist the truth- that doesn't mean those people think it's a tree or a zebra.

There are two different ways to use the word "human." One way is as an adjective- 'I have a human heart.' The other way is as a noun- 'She is a human.' Prolifers either intentionally or ignorantly pretend these are one and the same thing. They are clearly very different! My arm is human (adj) but it is not a human being!

So while it may be true that some pro-choicers do not think a fetus is a human being, one would have to be an idiot to think the fetus was not human (adj). Unless, of course, we're talking about zebra fetuses. =D

2. Prochoice wants women to abort abort abort! That's the only thing they support.

Truth: Prochoice is about supporting all the reproductive choices available, including parenting, abstinence, and adoption. The only thing I've noticed pro-choicers being constantly against is force.

Now, it may be true that what you see *most* is prochoicers supporting legal abortion. Do you know why this is? It's because no one is against parenting! No one is out there screaming that abstinence is a bad thing when chosen. We don't need to scream and shout about our support for these things because there isn't someone out there trying to take them away.

Prochoicers do not suggest women choose abortion over another option. We suggest that a woman looks at all her options equally, picks the best choice for her. It's really that simply.

3. Prochoicers ignore the woman hurt by abortion!!

Truth: Nope. We acknowledge that there are a lot of different viewpoints and emotions that a woman can go through after having an abortion. We also acknowledge what multiple studies of thousands of women have shown: most women do not regret their abortion.

Studies have looked into women who do regret their decision, and noticed a couple of reoccuring themes. Women who regret often had low self-esteem *before* they even became pregnant. Women who regret their abortion are often women who were coerced/forced to abort, or women who actually held pro-life views but chose to abort anyway.

There are actually pro-choice websites and groups out there which offer support groups for women who are feeling sadness or regret after an abortion such as Emerge or Exhale.

4. Prochoicers make up science / prochoice ignores medical facts!!

Truth: I don't even know where to start on this one. Prochoice is all about given women information about all her choices, so that she can choose the best option for her. We do not want women to abort any more than we want women to be parents. I've never seen a prochoice person telling people that fetuses can think 40 days after conception, or that they can feel pain in the first trimester, or anything to that effect. as a pro-choicer, I try to ensure that I use nothing but medical websites when it comes to proving something to prolifers (I will use prochoice websites when talking with other prochoicers, sometimes).

It always amazes me how medical groups are trusted completely, until suddenly they post something which agrees with the pro-choice point of view. Then suddenly, they're liars! They're abortion profiteers! They're out to kill babies! But oh, on every other subject, of course we still trust them.



  1. Originally posted by ProChoiceGal:

    It's actually sort of sad that we have to point these things out, because they SHOULD be very obvious. Antichoicers tend to go through many lengths to ignore the truth and to demonize ProChoicers, however.

    The lie listed here that annoys me the most is Myth #2. Who are the ones fighting for pregnant women who are forced to have C-sections, again? Who are the ones fighting for women to be able to feed their children in public? Hello? I don't see any Anti-Choicer defending ANY pregnant women or mother, even if she is carrying to term, and they're the ones accusing US of trying to force women into choices?

    The myth that probably pisses me off the most, that isn't listed here, is probably the "Abortion providers are only in it for the money!" myth. I don't even know where to start with that one. No sane person (and yes, abortion providers are normal people), would risk her or his life for the amount of money that you get out of being a provider. Who would want to wear a bullet proof vest every time they leave the house? Who would want to consciously have to avoid standing next to windows? Who wants to live under 24-hour marshall protection? The more that these people demonize abortion providers, the more abortion providers we're going to have assassinated.

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  3. What a terrific blog :) My thoughts exactly.

  4. I agree absolutely on the myth that OBGYN's that perform abortions are only doing so for the money. Has anyone actually looked at the cost of a normal no complications vaginal birth (just the birth let alone the prenatal care/checkup that women have during pregnancy) compared to abortion?
    Most abortions occur within the first trimester where it can range from about $300 - $500 depending on the provider and the services (pain medication, privacy, speed of the process, procedure chosen etc) A non complicated vaginal delivery is on average $10,000.00 let alone adding complications, c-sections, surgery, patient recovery, post-natal care etc.
    If I was in it for only the money I would deny doing abortions because I would want to coerce that women to give birth to get all the money from her insurance company to pay for my new car....

  5. I would laugh but I know people who would comment just like what is described in the post. o.O It's sad. All the pro-life people I know seem to only care about the baby before it's born, after that, well, tough luck if you can't afford the baby, you should have kept your legs closed! (obviously men don't help in creating a child, right?)

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. This comment was removed in which a fair point was made, yet you allow filthy language like "you should have kept your legs closed." Nice.

  6. I must say that I've never come across this Christian prochoice phenomenon before. Is it just an American thing, a new cult or something? I mean, obviously there are prochoice people in my country but I have honestly never heard of any of them claiming to be Christian. You would literally be laughed out of it. Maybe it's a reflection on how the church is gone in America, so many "liberal" apostate churches, it's scary.

    1. There are prochoice Christians all across the world. It's definitely not a cult or American thing. A lot of Christians are afraid to announce their support for reproductive rights because of the small, loud group that claims all religious people must be antichoice.

    2. Correction. There are pro choice people all over the world but they are not Christian.

      The small loud group are the actual Christians who are not afraid to speak the truth.

      Antichoice..that term is sooo annoying. I'm not anti choice. I'm anti abortion. Get it?!??

    3. "Reproductive rights" and "anti choice". You almost make supporting abortion sound like a good thing.

    4. Wrong, Anonymous. There are pro-choice Christians. Christian means accepting Jesus Christ as savior, and they do that whether or not they agree with your backward misogynist opinions.

  7. The term "christian" is obviously used very loosely in America. Sad when you can't take it at face value when someone tells you they are Christian.

  8. Christian prochoicer, what is your interpretation of Psalm 139:13-18?