Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why we're against the Superbowl Ad

Antichoicers have been whispering things here and there- "why are prochoicers afraid of a commercial?" "they're taking away Tebow's freedom of speech!" Well, I'm here to tell you why we're not afraid, but annoyed and angry.

First, we are annoyed at CBS. This is not about limiting Tebow's freedom of speech, but promoting EQUALITY and sticking to our promises. CBS has a rule which says things of political nature are not going to be aired during the Superbowl. Controversial topics are simply turned down. This has happened to a pro-gay rights Christian church group,, and PETA in the past.

Suddenly though, they're allowing Focus on the Family a commercial about probably the most controversial topic in America- against their policies claims. Why has CBS denied multiple ads and suddenly now changes their mind and allows this one? It's unequal- unless they decide to change their policy and allow PETA, and pro-gay groups to also air ads. Otherwise, they are breaking their promises and claims. They are turning their back on America.

Secondly, we are made at the idea behind Tebow's message. The idea behind the prolife message is that no woman should be allowed to choose abortion- she must be forced to carry a pregnancy to term regardless of what she wants. Women are too ignorant to make their own decisions, and therefore antichoicers must make decisions for them. This is the EXACT opposite of Tebow's experience. Tebow was told that she should have an abortion- and she CHOSE to carry the pregnancy to term instead. CHOICE. See that word? That's what PRO-CHOICE promotes. It is not what the antichoicers want.

Tebow had a choice, made a choice- and is now standing up to take that same choice away from other women. It's hypocritical. It's cruel. It's unequal. It's unfair. It's un-American. We are not afraid of her, or her son. We are ANGRY that she is going to use her story of CHOICE to speak out AGAINST choice. It makes no sense at all.

Lastly, I personally, and probably a few other people, are angry at Focus on the Family. They spent 3 MILLION DOLLARS on a 30 second commercial ad. How many pregnant women could they have provided for? How many infants could they have provided for? How many foster children could they have helped? How many starving people in Africa could have been fed? How many Haitians could have been helped?

It's sick that they would waste that money on a 30 second ad which uses choice to speak out against choice.


  1. Exactly. With all the money some people spend on denying rights to others, they could have helped lots of "poor people" that Jesus commanded us to serve.